• Nodical Contour

    Nodical Contour

    $1,200.00 (Queen)

    The Nodical™ Contour is engineered to help maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night. Our exclusive ThermaGel™ memory foam is infused with gel beads that pull heat away from the body. The... (more)

  • Nodical HD

    Nodical HD

    $1,400.00 (Queen)

    The Nodical™ HD delivers uncompromising support and comfort for prolonged and transformative sleep. Anchored by a thick foundation of high-density orthopedic foam, the HD molds to the body without creating the... (more)

  • Nodical Restore

    Nodical Restore

    $1,200.00 (Queen)

    The Nodical™ Restore is a forward-thinking design that combines an energy return system with temperature control to create an ideal sleep environment. Active bodies benefit from ThermaPhase™ memory foam... (more)